Tussock Buster Is Coming

Tussock Buster 2015Trail Ride Update

The good News is Tussock Buster is on and set to rock and roll March 27/28/29

More good news is they are still open for early discounted registrations.

This year there some real advantages to register before the event. The first being price. e.g. a family registration on the day will be $30 more than it is now. More importantly though registering now will save you time at sign on.

This year they will have an express lane for folk who have preregistered. The major reason behind Offlimits developing our new website was to be able to process sign on for those who have preregistered electronically, smoothly and quickly. Thus avoiding staff having to hunt through several spread sheets manually and avoiding you standing in a queue for ever.

There’ll also be some spot prizes (Saturday night) this year only for those who have preregistered.

So if you haven’t registered and paid your fee yet, why don’t you hop online now and get that small formality over?

And the news just gets better…

Waiouru have had 52mm of rain in Feb (more than 3x the Feb 2014 rainfall) and the signs are more to come before Tussock Buster. That means less dust and more exciting trails. With the weather being kind all the trails are expected to be open. The trails are groomed to the normal excellent standard and Tussock Buster is for the second year free of all 4 wheeled machines (except recovery etc). This makes the trails faster and less cluttered and more friendly for bikes

All the normal services. Experienced Marshals, Machine recovery, Helo support, Medical staff on site, Trade stands and meals on demand from the Waiouru Community stall.

Pricing and further details are as follows:

Tussock Buster 2015

Food and Shop

Fri 11am – 10pm; Sat 6.30am to 10pm;

Sun 6.30am to 3.00pm

“Cash and Eftpos”

Tussock Gut Buster   $25.00

  • 1 x  Rump Steak, 1 x Pork Chop, 1x Meat Pattie, 2 x Sausage, 2 x Bacon, 2 x Eggs, Qty of Tomato, Onion, Coleslaw and 2 x Bread

Weak mans meal  $15.00

  • 1 x Rump Steak OR 2 x Pork Chop’s with 2 x Hash Browns, 2 x Eggs, Qty of Tomato, Onion, Coleslaw and 2 x Bread

Sergeant Majors Breakfast  $15.00

  • 3 x Bacon, 1 x Meat Pattie, 2 x Sausages with 2 x Eggs, 2 x Hash Browns and a Qty of Tomato, Onion, Coleslaw and 2 x Bread

Carnivores Sandwich $8.00

  • Rump Steak Sliced or Pork Pieces, 1 x Meat Pattie, 1 x Egg and onions

Kaimanawa Horse Sandwich $5.00

  • 1 x Egg, Tomato, Onion, Coleslaw and Beetroot

Officers Sandwich $5.00

  • 2 x Bacon and 1 x Egg with Tomato, Onion

Soldiers Quick fix $2.00

  • 1 x Sausage with onions and 1 x bread

“All profit goes towards the clubs and groups of the Waiouru Community”

Come on you know you want to do it!

Register now. Go www.offlimits.co.nz