Press Release

The 2016 Thumpstars have been unveiled, with the 2016 models shown in an original Chartreuse colour, which is a change from Thumpstar’s previous colourways. There is a full range, from 50cc to 250cc, including some ATV models and a two-stroke 50cc.

Another step forward is the TSX and TSR range, designed for Junior Motocross racing, which have been approved by Motorcycling New Zealand to be raced at Club Level racing and will line up with the 85cc two strokes, but lap-scored separately. The class will need a minimum of five riders per race.

The TSR 150 benefits from further improvements to suspension, damping and handling with the latest designed rear linkage, while the TSX 140 enjoys a new 7 Series aluminium rims and a upgraded exhaust system. The TSK 50 its been completely redesigned and made as youngster friendly as possible, including smaller geometry, front and rear brake controls on the handlebars and removable training wheels.

About Thumpstar

Founded in 2004 by Timothy Hunter

Thumpstar designs, manufactures and markets motorcycles worldwide and has sold 40,000 motorcycles

It has been the world’s largest pit bike motorcycle manufacturer since 2004