We all know Thor’s hammer is the big thing the Norse god is recognised for, but when the god of thunder and lightning hits the trails, his self-named riding wardrobe is probably even more attention-grabbing. Check it out!




Thor MX Sector Level (Red/Blue Matte Powder)

RRP: $199



Main Features

  • DOT/ECE 22.05 Approved,
  • Dual density EPS liner,
  • Hi-flow mouth vent with filter,
  • Flexible rubber nose piece helps deflect roost,
  • Extensive venting with internal air passages.

This entry-mid level helmet packs a pretty decent punch with features usually reserved for higher end lid. The cool styling and sharp lines give the Sector a very ‘now’ look about it, and with its extensive venting, you can wear it all day, no worries.

It’s pretty comfortable right out of the box, and goggles fit in nice and snug. Our model usually fits Large size helmets and with the Sector, Large is a little too loose, so he’d change it down for a Medium – word to the wise: try before you buy. Clearly built with speed on the brain, the 2018 Thor MX Sector is a viable option in the under $200 helmet range.



Thor MX Pulse Geotec (Red/Blue)

RRP: $49.95



Main Features

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric,
  • Soft Stretch Collar,
  • Sublimated Graphics.

With a clear plan of being built to last, the Thor Pulse Jersey is strong on softness. And when we say strong on softness, we aren’t joking around – the collar is made from a smooth, four-way stretch fabric, making you forget you are even wearing it. No one likes the feeling of a midget on your back trying to choke you during your moto. If the moisture wicking fabric wasn’t enough to keep the dampness at bay, the tailoring of the shirt helps pull sweat from your chest too.



Thor MX Pulse Geotec (Red/Blue)

RRP: $169



Main Features

  • Pre-Curved Knee,
  • Versatile Fit,
  • Athletic Mesh Inner Liner,
  • Interior Hip Pocket.

This mid-level pant gives you lots of options, which makes it a really solid buy. Pre-curved knees aren’t new, but it is surprising how much more comfortable it makes the experience, especially with knee braces. A great feature we loved was the side clinchers located on the hip. This allows the pant to be tightened a little more, which means you can lose weight and keep the same pant. The double and triple stitched seams were a nice touch too.



Thor MX Void Geotec (Red/Blue)

RRP: $39.95



Main Features

  • Lightweight,
  • Quick Entry,
  • Perforated Palm,
  • Wrapped Thumb.

The Void glove is about as minimal as you can get in the glove department. With the thin perforated palm, you have an almost glove-less feel on the handlebars, helping you become at one with your dirt bike. Without the need for a Velcro closure system, the stretchy slip-on cuff and stretch backhand provides a quick entry to the glove, while the finger gussets really allow the digits to dance around the lever at will. If you like bugger-all between your palm and the grips, the Void gloves from Thor should be the go.



Get some for yourself by visiting www.dirtbikegear.co.nz and finding your local Thor dealer.

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