Honda have stepped into the ‘sports side-by-side’ market, in a highly anticipated move, finally with new all-new models: the 2019 Honda Talon 1000X and Honda Talon 1000R. Released during a special event in conjunction with Honda’s Automobile Division, and coinciding with the Los Angeles Auto Show, American Honda proudly unveiled the two aggressive looking four-wheeled off-roaders. Having held a strong position in the two-wheeled off-road market for decades with the CR and CRF lineup, and recently introducing the Pioneer multipurpose side-by-side, Honda made the decision to marry the two, creating a new level of off-road excitement, precision, performance, and quality to sport side-by-side driving.


The Honda Talon 1000X, specified at 64.0 inches (1651 mm) wide, has 2.0-inch body Fox Podium Quick Switch 3 shocks (QS3), with 5/8-inch shafts combined with the double-wishbone front suspension design and 3-Link rear system. The suspension has 14.6 inches (371 mm) travel at the front end, and 15.1 inches (383 mm) of suspension travel at the rear. The one-piece frame retains consistent geometry even when pushed under the hardest loads, for a controlled and confidence-inspiring ride. The 999cc parallel-twin four-valve engine features Honda’s own Unicam® design, mated to a high-tech Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT), with two automatic drive modes as well as the steering-column paddle shifters for Manual mode. The Talon 1000X also utilises Honda’s I-4WD, the powersports industry’s first and only brake traction control system, managing the amount of slip between the front wheels in four-wheel drive. The system also optimises brakeforce distribution, applying pressure to the most effective wheels during braking in two-wheel drive. The Talon 1000X also features Hill-Start assist, temporarily holding the vehicle in place when stopped on an ascent, simplifying the process of resuming motion.


The Honda Talon 1000R shares 85% of its parts with the Talon 1000X, diverging only in wheelbase, width, and suspension arrangement. The Talon 1000R is 68.4 inches (1737 mm) wide, 4.4 inches wider and 5 inches longer than its sibling. The Talon 1000R has a double-wishbone front suspension layout, and a 4+ Link rear configuration, with 2.5-inch body Fox Podium QS3 shocks with 17.1-inches of travel front, and 20.1-inches of travel at the rear. The combination results in remarkable performance in diverse situations, but is particularly impressive in high-speed, rough conditions.

“For some time now, our customers have told us they’re ready to purchase a high-performance sport side-by-side from Honda, and I’m particularly pleased that we’re now able to offer them not one, but two all-new models,” said Chuck Boderman, Vice President, Motorcycle Division at American Honda. “We know that many sport side-by-side enthusiasts own Honda powersports products of other types or have a strong emotional connection with our brand. Now, the Talon 1000X and Talon 1000R—both U.S.-developed and -produced sport side-by-sides that are uniquely capable and incredibly reliable—connect these worlds.”

Pricing is due in February 2019, with the first units expected here ‘mid-2019’… Scroll down for more photos!