Having been around dirt bikes for a long time, I’ve always been an advocate of wearing knee braces no matter what. From the early days of messing around in the paddock with Fraser on a couple of Honda CRF50 pit bikes (with Pro Circuit pipes, high bars and all the bling!) and seeing him lose the front and essentially fold his knee the wrong way, it’s become a habit. And just like putting your seatbelt on, it’s a good one to have as you never know when it’ll all go pear-shaped.

There has been a limiting factor for many though, and that’s the price. But with the new Z-Frame from Leatt, that’s no longer an excuse as they’ve made knee braces affordable to the masses.

The fit is the most important thing when it comes to knee braces, and being a bit of a big fella, I opted for XL (they come from S-XL). Inside the box, you get two braces (yay, they come as a pair!), a bag, some plastic clips so you can adjust the amount of extension you require and also some extra pads so you can get a bespoke fit.

Leatt has managed to keep the Z-Frame affordable by making them from an injected composite material, so they aren’t trick carbon or anything. Still, they aren’t overly heavy and feel like they should be able to withstand decent impacts. The inside is flat to aid gripping the bike, and slipping them on they feel like they are going to be comfortable to wear for long periods on the bike.

Leatt is specialists in protection, and there’s no doubt the new Z-Frames will help reduce injury to your ACL, Meniscus or MCL which are all terrible things to mess up. I reckon they’ll also stop a decent amount of impacts from landing on your knees or having a rock flick up. I’ll report back on how they are going in an upcoming issue or online at www.drd.co.nz

Tester: Paul | Distributed by:  Whites Powersports | Price: $549 (Pair) | Check it: www.bits4bikes.co.nz