Even though Forma is a relatively new company, the people behind the brand have been in the game for many, many years. We were invited to Forbes and Davies – the NZ distributor of Forma Boots – for a presentation on this exciting brand.

Starting off with a little background – the Forma brand was born in 1999 and created by a fella called Ivano Binotto and his wife Simonetta. Even though ‘new’ to the game with Forma, the pair had already spent 25-years as part owners and managers of the largest producer of OEM off-road motorcycle boots in the world.

Ivano decided to start a new 100% independently-owned company in order to launch his new Forma brand onto the world market. Since that time, Forma has continued to grow and currently, the brand is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. The Forma brand is now recognised as one of the innovative brands in the motorcycle boot business – especially in the adventure market.

Italy-based and close to Asolo and Montebelluna – defined as the heart of the world’s sports shoes like soccer cleats, tennis shoes etc – the amount of manpower and skill on the ground made it the perfect place to get the ball rolling. Now with plants in Romania and Italy, the tagline of ‘Made in Europe’ is something Forma stands strongly by.

Interestingly, Romania was chosen not for its labour prices, but because of communism. It featured the greatest production of soldier’s boots for the entire communist area, so skilled labour was easy to find.

The Forma brand today is still not completely mature, which is why perhaps it is not on the radar of dirt riders in New Zealand. Global sponsorship of top riders like current World Enduro GP champion Steve Holcombe and Enduro GP stalwart Alex Salvini, show that Forma is out to make the brand more recognisable and a real option when it comes to buyers choice.

This is obviously working as over the past 10 years, as the growth of the brand has increased three times over. But this growth has not hit the dirt market in New Zealand yet, with Forma being much more commonly known in the road sector. The Forma Predator (top-level), Dominator, (mid-level) and Terrain X (low-end) boots are few and far between out of the tracks and trails, but that might change in the coming years.

With a market flooded with many different boot options, the lesser known Forma brand will take some time to get traction. But there is traction to be had if you are willing to give the brand a chance. New technology and a different approach to some of the aspects of boot making could see Forma really make a bootprint on the industry here, but that will still a commitment from dealers and consumers alike.

Mauro Pive, Sales Manager at Forma Head Office has been with the company for 17 years, almost from the beginning of the brand, so he knows his stuff. His excellent presentation of the 2018 collection from Forma was only matched by his knowledge of the product and passion for making great boots for all applications and levels.

The all-new Forma Predator 2.0 is on its way to NZ and will be a boot that will challenge any other in the high-end price point. Forma is coming in hot.

Check out www.forbesanddavies for a more in-depth look at the Forma Dirt range and to find a dealer near you.

Fun Fact

The name Forma came about when Ivano wanted to start his own boot business, taking part of a name off a boot that he already manufactured for an OEM company. Does Forma Pro boots from Fox ring a bell? Yep, having made boots for Fox Racing for many years, Ivano struck a deal where he could take the ‘Forma’ part of the name and go his own way. And as you now know, Fox went with the F3 boot before launching the Instinct, which is now also an industry leader in the Motocross market.