I’ve been wearing these Gaerne SG10 boots for a couple of seasons now, and to be honest, I’ve treated them pretty badly. They tend to get left dirty, stuffed underneath a table in the shed until I come to ride again when they get pulled out, still covered in grime and looking sorry for themselves. 

And then there’s the abuse they get at the hands (or should that be feet!) of Broxy, who often uses the SG10s for photoshoots when we’ve got him testing bikes. And yep, I’m pretty slack at cleaning them after that, too, despite the poor boots probably feeling like they’ve gone five rounds with Joseph Parker.

But despite my neglect, the SG10s are still as good as the day I got them. The colours have stayed true, even the white, and the sole has really stood up to the abuse it receives. They really are a strong and well-constructed set of boots. 

The fit could be described as being on the wider-side of normal, something I’m glad about having two slabs of meat at the end of my legs big enough to give Big Foot a run for the title. But despite that, the SG10s are all-day comfortable as they don’t squeeze my foot either from the sides or from above. The four buckles do a good job of locking everything in position, and the metal toecap gives an added bit of protection to the already very strong toe section. There isn’t anything flash like a booty on the inside, but they simply get on with the job of looking after your feet and ankles.

The sole doesn’t have the biggest grip pattern which could be a negative if you spend a bit of time pushing your bike up snotty hills on a trail, but I can’t say I’ve found them to wanting in the grip department. The SG10s have lasted me well and provided exceptional service during their tenure with me. The only problem is, if I can’t wear them out, I can’t justify getting a new pair!

Tester: Paul | Distributed by: Whites Powersports | Price: $799 | Check it: www.bits4bikes.co.nz