Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou will be one of the two riders taking part for the Spanish team in the X-Trial des Nations. This will be Bou’s eighth participation in the competition, having scooped a clean sweep of victories in every edition he has entered.

Bou, the Repsol Honda Team rider has been chosen by the Real Federación Española de Motociclismo as one of the duo of riders to represent Spain in the X-Trial des Nations which gets underway this weekend in the French town of Vendée.

Bou will line up in the Federación Española squad alongside Jaime Busto. In addition to Spain, four other countries will compete in the team competition: France, Great Britain, Italy and Norway.

Toni Bou has seven X-Trial des Nations titles already under belt; on one previous occasion in Pau in 2017, there was a full podium of Repsol Honda Team riders, which also featured former team-mate Jaime Busto. Bou won in 2006, 2007, 2008 with three-member teams as well as in the revamped championship in 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2018, which had the chosen national teams represented by just two riders apiece.

Toni Bou 

The X-Trial des Nations is a different race and I like to compete in it because it is a very tactical competition. It forces you to have to empathize very well with your partner and, in this case, I think it can work as we know each so well. However, the sections tend to be easy and it will be difficult to mark any differences.

Words and Photos: Honda Racing Corporation

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou has just been proclaimed 2019 FIM X-Trial World Champion in the season’s penultimate trial held this evening in Marseille, France. The success brings Bou’s 13th X-Trial title and takes his world championship tally to 25.

Toni Bou’s thirteenth world X-Trial title, sees the rider grab a twenty-fifth outright title triumph, including the twelve outdoor titles achieved in TrialGP. The feat amounts to thirteen consecutive seasons of victories since winning the first crown back in 2007 – all of them aboard the Montesa Cota 4RT. The Repsol Honda Team rider sealed the championship title at the first available opportunity with one event still to run before the end of the season. 

After starting the campaign with victory in the first event of the calendar in Budapest, Bou went on to take victory in Bilbao and Granada, as well as a runner-up podium spot in Barcelona.

In the X-Trial in Marseille, the Repsol Honda Team ace was able to mathematically guarantee the championship after winning the trial with an outstanding performance at the Palais des Sports to take the title, with one championship event left to dispute in Andorra la Vella on 27th April.

Toni Bou  1


I’m super happy with the new title. Today was a very hard trial with a very high level, which is what I like. I had a hard time getting into the event; I did not feel comfortable, maybe because of my nerves. Both in the first round and in the semi-finals it was pretty tough for me. Finally we managed to make it through to the final, more by strategy rather than riding skills. The best way to get a title is with a victory, so I’m very happy about that. Thanks to the whole team and my family for the support. Thank you all very much.

Miquel Cirera

Team Manager

Congratulations Toni, another title is a complete outrage. We knew that this event wouldn’t be particularly easy, but in the end Toni was able to command it and take the victory as he is used to doing. Congratulations also to the whole team for all the work that they have done this X-Trial season. This year has been riddled with injuries, so congratulations to the doctors and all the staff of the team for always giving 100%. We will try to continue adding more championships. Thanks to everyone who supports us.

Results X-Trial Marseille 2019 

1BOU Toni1SPA20Repsol Honda TeamMontesa14
2FAJARDO Jeroni4SPA15Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas30
3RAGA Adam67SPA12TRRS Factory TeamTRRS4
4GELABERT Miquel34SPA9Sherco Factory TeamSherco11
5BINCAZ Benoit16FRA6Beta Factory RacingBeta21
6BUSTO Jaime69SPA4Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas23
7FERRER Alexandre29FRA3Sherco Factory TeamSherco22
8PETRELLA Luca98ITA2Beta Factory RacingBeta25
9COLAIRO  Téo 13FRA1Gas GasGas Gas25

Rider Standings 

1BOU Toni1SPA95Repsol Honda TeamMontesa
2RAGA Adam67SPA74TRRS Factory TeamTRRS
3BUSTO Jaime69SPA49Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas
4FAJARDO Jeroni4SPA46Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas
5BINCAZ Benoit16FRA39Beta Factory RacingBeta
6GELABERT Miquel34SPA23Sherco Factory TeamSherco
7MARCELLI Gabriel38SPA6RG TeamMontesa
8CASALES Jorge33SPA6Vertigo Factory TeamVertigo
9FUJINAMI Takahisa3JPN5Repsol Honda TeamMontesa
10PETRELLA Luca98ITA5Beta Factory RacingBeta
11FERRER Alexandre29FRA3Sherco Factory TeamSherco
12DABILL James22GBR3Beta Factory RacingBeta
13GELABERT Aniol18SPA2Scorpa FactoryScorpa
14HAGA  Sondre 99NOR2TRRS Factory TeamTRRS
15COLAIRO  Téo 13FRA1Gas GasGas Gas
16PEACE Dan17GBR1Sherco Factory TeamSherco

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou was again victorious in the latest X-Trial in Granada as the world championship reaches its fourth round. The champion takes his tally of top flight victories to sixty in the indoor competition. This third victory of the season sees Bou distance himself further at the head of the overall championship leader board. 

It has been over ten years since that the Municipal Sports Palace of Granada hosted an FIM X-Trial World Championship event. On the previous two occasions it was also Toni Bou who took top honours in the competition. The Repsol Honda Team rider arrived in Granada as overall leader, after having retaken the overall top spot seven days ago in Bilbao.

Bou, aboard the Montesa Cota 4RT, made short work of the first phase to comfortably qualify for the second round, after taking the best score on the first run through sections, collecting just two penalty marks. The second phase turned out to be a tighter, more closely fought group as Bou faced Adam Raga and Miquel Gelabert. However, the current champ prevailed, guaranteeing a place on the podium before competing in the Super-final.

Toni Bou performed brilliantly in a thrilling Super-final, riding to a third victory of the season. The result means that the Repsol Honda Team ace retains the world championship leadership with a 13-point advantage over the nearest second place rival.

The fifth and penultimate event of the X-Trial World Championship will top-flight next Saturday, March 9th at the Palais des Sports in Marseille. Prior to this, however, Toni Bou will take part in the opening of the Spanish Trial Championship which will be held on Sunday March 3rd in the town of Arnedillo, La Rioja.

Toni Bou  1


I’m super happy. Today was a very hard-fought victory. It was very important to go all out and finally I was able to get the victory after a very difficult semi-final where there was no margin for mistakes. Technically I was very good and I performed well in the final. I will go back home having recovered the good feelings and I want to continue fighting for this championship. We will try to give everything in the two events that we have left.

Miquel Cirera

Team Manager

Today Toni Bou was spectacular; he rode fantastically. 60 victories are a lot and therefore it is time to congratulate him, once again. Tonight, Toni made a huge difference but we have to keep fighting trial by trial as the scores of this championship are complicated. Congratulations to the whole team and again to Toni since these have been some tough days for him with the injuries, and hopefully soon he will be back at 100% physically.

Results X-Trial Granada 2019 

1BOU Toni1SPA20Repsol Honda TeamMontesa7
2BUSTO Jaime69SPA15Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas23
3RAGA Adam67SPA12TRRS Factory TeamTRRS2
4BINCAZ Benoit16FRA9Beta Factory RacingBeta6
5FAJARDO Jeroni4SPA6Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas13
6GELABERT Miquel11SPA4Sherco Factory TeamSherco19
7MARCELLI Gabriel38SPA3RG TeamMontesa14
8GELABERT Aniol18SPA2Scorpa FactoryScorpa18
9HAGA  Sondre 99NOR1TRRS Factory TeamTRRS21

Rider Standings 

1BOU Toni1SPA75Repsol Honda TeamMontesa
2RAGA Adam67SPA62TRRS Factory TeamTRRS
3BUSTO Jaime69SPA45Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas
4BINCAZ Benoit16FRA33Beta Factory RacingBeta
5FAJARDO Jeroni4SPA31Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas
6GELABERT Miquel11SPA14Sherco Factory TeamSherco
7CASALES Jorge33SPA6Vertigo Factory TeamVertigo
8MARCELLI Gabriel38SPA6RG TeamMontesa
9FUJINAMI Takahisa3JPN5Repsol Honda TeamMontesa
10DABILL James22GBR3Beta Factory RacingBeta
11PETRELLA Luca98ITA3Beta Factory RacingBeta
12GELABERT Aniol18SPA2Scorpa FactoryScorpa
13HAGA  Sondre 99NOR2TRRS Factory TeamTRRS
14PEACE Dan17GBR1Sherco Factory TeamSherco

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou rode to victory in the third round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship held tonight in Bilbao. The second win of the season sees the champion bounce back to the head of the overall standings. 

As Bilbao debuted as a host in the FIM X-Trial World Championship, spectators at the Bizkaia Arena-BEC were able to witness a somewhat hesitant start from Toni Bou who nevertheless made the cut for the second phase.

The second round saw the Repsol Honda Team rider finish on equal points with Adam Raga whom he went on to beat in a thrilling final. The final proved to be a hotly disputed one with Bou emerging victorious for the second time this season. 

The win means that Toni Bou, once again, retakes the top spot in the overall rankings with a five-point advantage over Adam Raga.

The fourth trial of the X-Trial World Championship is scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 23rd at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes in Granada, Spain.

Toni Bou


I am very happy to win here in Bilbao after the second position in Barcelona and to regain the lead. We knew that this year would be very complicated as it is very easy to not get through to the next round with this system and the high level of the riders. We know that we could miss out on any event, so to get a win is very satisfying. This championship is very short and we know that we are not at 100% physically. I lack continuity but luckily I have the aggressiveness, so we will work hard to get to Granada in the best possible conditions.

Miquel Cirera

Team Manager

It was not an easy trial. Adam Raga is not making things easy for Toni and is taking advantage of the fact that our rider is not at 100%. Even so we were able to obtain a crucial victory. Today we had a minor problem due to the indisposition of Toni Bou’s usual minder Marc Freixa. In the end we were able to sort it out with the inclusion of Oriol Terricabras as his minder whom we wish to congratulate for his good work.

Results X-Trial Bilbao 2019 

1BOU Toni1SPA20Repsol Honda TeamMontesa7
2RAGA Adam67SPA15TRRS Factory TeamTRRS9
3BINCAZ Benoit16FRA12Beta Factory RacingBeta5
4BUSTO Jaime69SPA9Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas11
5GELABERT Miquel11SPA6Sherco Factory TeamSherco16
6FAJARDO Jeroni4SPA4Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas18
7MARCELLI Gabriel38SPA3RG TeamMontesa12
8PETRELLA Luca98ITA2Beta Factory RacingBeta15
9HAGA  Sondre 99NOR1TRRS Factory TeamTRRS21

Rider Standings 

1BOU Toni1SPA55Repsol Honda TeamMontesa
2RAGA Adam67SPA50TRRS Factory TeamTRRS
3BUSTO Jaime69SPA30Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas
4FAJARDO Jeroni4SPA25Gas Gas Factory TeamGas Gas
5BINCAZ Benoit16FRA24Beta Factory RacingBeta
6GELABERT Miquel11SPA10Sherco Factory TeamSherco
7CASALES Jorge33SPA6Vertigo Factory TeamVertigo
8FUJINAMI Takahisa3JPN5Repsol Honda TeamMontesa
9MARCELLI Gabriel38SPA3RG TeamMontesa
10DABILL James22GBR3Beta Factory RacingBeta
11PETRELLA Luca98ITA3Beta Factory RacingBeta
12HAGA  Sondre 99NOR1TRRS Factory TeamTRRS
13PEACE Dan17GBR1Sherco Factory TeamSherco

The World X-Trials Championship has gotten underway for 2019 already, and yes, you guessed it, Toni Bou has already notched up his first win of the season. The 2018 Champion showed his abilities in a triumphant return to Laszlo Papp Arena in Budapest.

Despite not being fully recovered from his rib injury, Bou managed to hold off the competition through the first round, collecting only a single penalty mark for his efforts, with second place netting six penalty marks. He then sailed through the semi-final round with only two marks, again beating out his rivals strongly. However, in the final showdown, Bou faced up against arch-rival Adam Raga, and the course pitted the two against each other on the same sections of track, but in reverse direction. Toni Bou lost a little ground to Raga initially, but the Spaniard was able to reassert his top position with some deft handling, reclaiming first place. Despite picking up an uncharacteristic five penalty marks in the penultimate hazard, Bou held on to the lead, taking the season opener win.

Repsol Honda Team teammate Takahisa Fujinami was, unfortunately, unable to produce similar results, struggling to make it past the second phase of competition.

The Repsol Honda Team will next compete at the second championship date at Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona on February 3rd.


Toni Bou  1


I’m super happy to start off winning. It was amazing to get this victory after the rib injury, which I’m still not recovered from totally. We must continue working to improve because I believe that I am not yet where I could be. I trained a little this year and I think I’m not at my usual level. There is still quite a way to go and I want to get there as soon as possible. Yes, in 2018 we won, but I suffered a lot because of the injuries. That is why I want to thank Joaquim Terricabras and all his medical team for the help they have given me, especially for the recent treatment for the rib injury.


Takahisa Fujinami  3


I think that, honestly, today I had the chance to go through to the next round, but I made two serious mistakes and I didn’t achieve my goal. I think there are several riders all at the same level, and now that I have seen how this race went, I think that if I train a little more these two weeks I could get a better result in Barcelona.


Miquel Cirera

Team Manager

We have started the year well. But as always, you have to be cautious because with so many trials it will not be easy and there is always the odd day where you make mistakes. Toni is in pretty good shape, not yet at full fitness, but he always gives it his all. Takahisa has struggled a bit in this first event, with some faults, but we will work to improve on it in the forthcoming trials. I wish to thank the people who have worked so hard to be here, and especially the medical team who we have given a lot of work in 2018!



Results X-Trial Budapest 2019

Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Points Team Time/Gap
1 BOU Toni 1 SPA 1 2 10 20 Repsol Honda Team 10
2 RAGA Adam 67 SPA 6 7 14 15 TRRS Factory Team 14
3 FAJARDO Jeroni 4 SPA 11 8 2 12 Gas Gas Factory Team 2
4 BUSTO Jaime 69 SPA 13 6 12 9 Gas Gas Factory Team 12
5 BINCAZ Benoit 16 FRA 13 8 6 Beta Factory Racing 8
6 CASALES Jorge 33 SPA 15 4 Vertigo Factory Team 15
7 DABILL James 22 GBR 16 3 Beta Factory Racing 16
8 FUJINAMI Takahisa 3 JPN 19 2 Repsol Honda Team 19
9 PEACE Dan 17 GBR 25 1 Sherco Factory Team 25