We take a closer look at the MXF ProRider S from glove manufactures FIVE. Its lightweight and comfort, combined with its durability and features make this one of the best off-road gloves on the market today.

CLICK HERE to check them out in a little more detail and to get some for yourself.




The new X-ROCK from ACERBIS is the brands top of the line footwear with many new features and a cool exciting look. Check out the quick video for yourself. And at only $599 it is very competitively priced. 



CLICK HERE for availability and sizings – said to be coming in hot to a dealer near you soon.

Chris takes a look at the ZETA Clutch Perch and Lever and installs it onto the Honda CRF450RX for testing.



For more information on the ZETA FP Clutch Lever and Perch – CLICK HERE. Or if you don’t want to click there – CLICK HERE

We just took hold of a new kit from Whites Power Sports, including the brand new Shoei VFX-WR helmet, Dragon MXV MAX goggle and Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen Hi-Viz gear. What a solid looking combo!



Look out for this kit in an upcoming issue of DRD magazine or grab yours now from your local dealer, or at Bits4Bikes.co.nz.


For the Shoei VFX-WR helmet – CLICK HERE



For the Dragon MXV MAX Goggle – CLICK HERE



For the Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen Hi-Vis gear – CLICK HERE



Be Seen out there team!

The Ranger 3 from USWE is an ideal option when you are looking for simple hydration and some storage space for the little things. With a removable pouch, you can use the Ranger 3 for Trail Riding, Enduro and XC racing. Check it out.



CLICK HERE for more information on the USWE Ranger 3 and to get one for yourself.

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