I’ve been wearing these Gaerne SG10 boots for a couple of seasons now, and to be honest, I’ve treated them pretty badly. They tend to get left dirty, stuffed underneath a table in the shed until I come to ride again when they get pulled out, still covered in grime and looking sorry for themselves. 

And then there’s the abuse they get at the hands (or should that be feet!) of Broxy, who often uses the SG10s for photoshoots when we’ve got him testing bikes. And yep, I’m pretty slack at cleaning them after that, too, despite the poor boots probably feeling like they’ve gone five rounds with Joseph Parker.

But despite my neglect, the SG10s are still as good as the day I got them. The colours have stayed true, even the white, and the sole has really stood up to the abuse it receives. They really are a strong and well-constructed set of boots. 

The fit could be described as being on the wider-side of normal, something I’m glad about having two slabs of meat at the end of my legs big enough to give Big Foot a run for the title. But despite that, the SG10s are all-day comfortable as they don’t squeeze my foot either from the sides or from above. The four buckles do a good job of locking everything in position, and the metal toecap gives an added bit of protection to the already very strong toe section. There isn’t anything flash like a booty on the inside, but they simply get on with the job of looking after your feet and ankles.

The sole doesn’t have the biggest grip pattern which could be a negative if you spend a bit of time pushing your bike up snotty hills on a trail, but I can’t say I’ve found them to wanting in the grip department. The SG10s have lasted me well and provided exceptional service during their tenure with me. The only problem is, if I can’t wear them out, I can’t justify getting a new pair!

Tester: Paul | Distributed by: Whites Powersports | Price: $799 | Check it: www.bits4bikes.co.nz

The name ‘Leatt’ is well known in the motorcycling community, as they are the go-to when it comes to top quality protective gear. Their company, Leatt Protectives, is based around designing, developing, and producing protective equipment for two-wheeled enthusiasts.

Founded in 2001 by Dr Chris Leatt, who also heads up the R&D Department to ensure every single product with the Leatt brand is “Backed By Science” with the ultimate mission of saving lives. Their range includes protective devices for the whole body, and now they have turned their attention to eye protection as well.

The Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles utilise military spec 2.7mm bulletproof lens technology, including:

  • 170° Wide vision
  • Dual layer Anti-fog
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Optically correct tapered thickness
  • Quick release feature
  • Tear-Off posts & 48mm Roll-Off ready

Leatt’s transition into eye protection is a welcomed one boasting a flawless design that includes an OTG (over the glasses) design, super simple lens installation and removal along with a bulletproof military spec lens. The 6.5 Velocity goggles are available in four Iriz (mirrored lens) designs, a further six standard lens designs and two roll-off included designs. If you favour a particular frame design but want a roll-off or Iriz lens for it, don’t panic, all replacement lenses and roll-off kits are compatible with every Leatt goggle, both present and future.

The lens surpasses expectations, the 2.7mm bulletproof military spec lens prevents sticks, stones and other debris potentially penetrating the goggles. While the dual lens design provides a thermal bridge between the warm inside and cold outside of the goggles, combined with the anti-fog polymer of the inner lens the goggles permanently prevent fogging in a variety of conditions. Posts are included as standard on all lens options enabling the use of tear-offs and the widevision 48mm roll-off system. Constructed with a tapered thickness the lens provides great optical correction, allowing you to identify the edge of ruts with ease while a scratch resistant outer coating ensures the lens maintains a high life expectancy even in the demanding environment of off-road motorcycling.

Innovation doesn’t stop there, the Velocity’s frame has also received its fair share of industry-leading technology. The frame is constructed with a dual-density design allowing the outer frame to retain its shape allowing for quick and easy lens fitting while also keeping the lens fixed upon impact. The inner frame is more flexible which enables the goggle to better replicate your facial structure improving the fit, face and nose sealing and increasing general comfort.

Available separately are three Iriz lenses along with another three standard lenses. The Iriz lenses are available in platinum (Ultra Contrast), purple and bronze while the standard lenses are available in clear, light grey, blue and smoke. Visual Light Transmission (VLT) across the six lens options ranges from 22% to 83% ensuring you have the perfect lens available for every track and weather condition. All Iriz lenses are mirrored to reduce the light transmitted for a more comfortable experience in the brightest conditions, select lenses include Leatts Ultra Contrast technology which defines edges for an incredibly detailed view of the track or trail. An incredible 170-degree field of vision allows for excellent peripheral vision so you can keep your eye on the track and competitors edging up alongside you all at the same time.

The Velocity 6.5s include a triple-layer dual-density foam which is designed to be soft on the face while providing the perfect seal to prevent dust entering the goggles. The excellent foam design also prevents the frame and lens hitting your face upon impact and includes an anti-sweat fleece backing that stops sweat dripping from your forehead down into your eyes.

But wait, there’s more! Along with an innovative frame design, military spec lens, excellent field of view and an impressive range of lenses available the goggles also have dual outriggers with easy release lens capability that improve the goggles fit within your helmet. A 50mm anti-slip strap keeps your goggles in place and won’t slip down and slap the back of your neck while a removable nose guard provides extra protection when wanted. The goggles also take pride in their OTG (over the glasses) design that enables prescription eyewear to be worn while riding, because there’s nothing better at improving your vision than your tailored prescription lenses. The self-draining design provokes water and mud to drain downwards and off the goggles improving vision in unfavourable conditions…

…but if you want the best and clearest vision available when out mud-blasting Leatts widevision 48mm roll-off kit is for you. Two goggles are available including the kit, however, through spare parts the kit can be acquired for and is compatible with any Leatt goggle. The roll-off kit includes oversized canisters that won’t fill before your film has run dry while the electrostatic treated film is non-stick helping to remove dirt and mud while riding. A hydrophobic coating enables the film to slide like hot butter across the lens.

The incorporation of different technologies and lens options along with removable and customisable parts make the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles perfect for you whether you’re a motocross master, enduro champion, dual sport adventurer or weekend warrior. The Velocity 6.5 goggles provide the ultimate eye protection and set the bar of what a premium off-road goggle should include while remaining at an affordable price, goggles from $149.00 with coloured lenses available from $28.00 (clear lens $19.00).

Shop online at Bits4Bikes or visit your local Leatt Stockist

The major motocross season will officially begin with the Italian International MX series. This event has traditionally served as an indulgent teaser before the World Championship Series that will kick off on Sunday, March 3rd with the first race in Argentina. 

There are three rounds on the schedule for the Italian International MX series. On Sunday, January 27th, round 1 got everything started at Riola Sardo; round 2 will take place at Ottobiano on February 3rd and on February 10th, round 3 will be held in Mantua.

In Sardinia Sidi and their riders stood out immediately as absolute stars. In the MXGP race, Tony Cairoli (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) won the competition and laid down the law. Cairoli appeared to be in top form as he takes on the 2019 MXGP World Series on a quest to capture his tenth title. The Sidi house is also proud to point out the good eighth place obtained by Alessandro Lupino (Gebben Van Venrooy Kawasaki). Jorge Prado (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) won the MX2 race; after ending 2018 with the young Spanish rider as the winner of the MX2 World title, and now he looks like he’s ready to go to bat again. Sidi also gives a nod to Alberto Forato (Maddii Racing), who ranked in tenth place. 
Finally, Sidi also shined on the podium in the Superfinal round, which saw the best 20 riders from MXGP and the best 20 riders from MX2. In fact, Tony Cairoli once again put everyone in line, and Jorge Prado scored a fantastic third place, proving he’s got what it takes to keep up with the big boys. 

What is the secret weapon of all their champions’? Crossfire 3 SRS, of course. This is the unbeatable boot on any terrain and in any conditions. There are no equals; in the last several seasons it has earned the title of the most victorious boot ever in off-road riding.

Crossfire 3 SRS is available to the public in a wide range of colours, from the classics to more appealing modern hues aimed at satisfying every demand and creating the perfect matching look for any rider. Furthermore, an ample choice of available components and spare parts means to create an ever-changing, personalized look. 

From a technical standpoint, the strong suits of this boot, which make it so highly appreciated among top riders in world motocross, are: 

1) Hyper Extension Block: in action, the foot and ankle are subject to extreme movements and at risk of injury; with a ball joint on the ankle, this system prevents hyper-extension of the ankle, the top of the foot and rear tendons while the leg flexes forward and/or backward. 

2) Adjustable Calf System: the leg shaft of the boot has a replaceable muffler guard on the inside, to protect the leg from the heat of the engine and protect against wear. Furthermore, a rubber insert allows the rider to get a firmer leg grip on the motorcycle frame. With this system, the opening of the boot can be adjusted simply and practically on both sides to insure a perfectly comfortable fit, even on the largest calves. Not only that; this feature also meets the needs of riders who often wear knee guards and braces that need more room to be worn, without interfering with the proper closure of the boot. 

3) Dovetail Sole Srs: this is an innovative design and a revolutionary substitution system. The sole’s point and heel are fixed in place, while the central part, made up of a rubber insert, has been designed with a new interlocking system with 4 safety screws, so it can be changed out. The boot is also available in a version featuring the Ideal MX sole in rubber. 

Crossfire 3 SRS and Crossfire 3, with their various versions, cover all sizes from 40 to 50. The Sidi collection is available on the Motogear website, New Zealand’s Distributors:  https://www.motogear.co.nz/search?q=sidi+crossfire+3, where you can also verify the colours and models available for New Zealand.

Tyre manufacturing giant Bridgestone have released a new ‘Enduro’ tyre for 2019, dubbing it the Battlecross E50. The outcome of years of off-road technology development, the Battlecross E50 is road homologated and can be used for all Enduro competitions. Incorporating Battlecross Motocross technology, transferred and optimized for read Enduro usage, the Battlecross E50 is the tyre helping you overcome any obstacles and achieve the highest levels of performance on all types of terrain.

The new pattern design has dramatically increased the edge component of the blocks, 60% in the front and 120% in the rear, to improve both cornering and traction grip. Castle block technology offers a flexible tyre response on changing surfaces, thanks to an additional edge effect. The bunker area produces a small amount of extra traction power when the tyre is fully buried in the off-road surface.

The Battlecross E50 features an optimized dual compound division, and a redesigned shape and profile via a redesigned rim guard part. Both these improvements increase the mounting ease on the side of the track, and improve the tyre to rim fit.

When tested on a Husqvarna TE300, the new Battlecross E50 easily surpassed the previous ED66X tyre, on all surfaces. Traction, braking, and cornering feel improved substantially, along with better impact absorbing properties felt through the tyres. No matter what the conditions, the Battlecross E50 is definitely worth investing in for your Enduro riding, between stages as well as when the going gets tough!


Leatt have released their brand new ‘Z-Frame’ Knee Brace, designed to replicate the mechanics of the knee, and deflect or absorb impacts as required. With certified medical endorsements, the top-rated impact protection is being offered to New Zealand now at an incredible price!

The main hinge of the Z-Frame Knee Brace is geared to provide a smooth mechanical motion, constructed to take all the pressure and side-on impacts without distorting or twisting. It can be set to allow 5, 10, 15, or 20-degrees of movement, for hyper-extension and ACL injury reduction.

With an Injected Composite chassis, slim hinges for superior feel, and Aluminium hinge covers, the Z-Frame Knee Brace is made with the experience of riders, for riders. The shin-pad had been specifically designed with a low profile, to allow excellent boot fit. The strapping system is simple to and also low profile, to prevent snagging under riders pants. The Z-Frame Knee Brace is also capable of a completely customised fit, with interchangeable hinge padding sizes.

For exceptional quality, durability, and protection, Leatt have been producing personal protective equipment and ancillary products for all forms of sports, especially action sports. The Leatt-Brace® is an award-winning neck brace system, and is considered the gold standard for neck protection for anyone wearing a crash helmet as a form of protection. The Z-Frame Knee Brace continues their dedication to providing safer and more durable measures against injury for motorcyclists.

Available in sizes Small to Xtra-Large, the all-new Leatt Z-Frame Knee Brace is available now from Whites Powersports.

Price: $549 per pair.