Fresh for 2020, the new range of Fox MX20 gear has been launched, with all-new bright and vibrant colours across the whole range sure to keep riders looking fresh in the dirt!

From the company’s beginnings, Fox has constantly worked to create gear for the best riding experience. Through years of research and development, they have strived for better, and the new range of MX20 gear is no exception. Mobility, safety, and durability are three of the key improvements in their gear, from head to toe.

The new Fox V2 helmet incorporates the best safety features from the pro-level V3, at a much more affordable price. Key updates to their goggles and championship-proven boots, as well as completely redesigned lines of racewear – including women’s and youth ranges – means the MX20 range of Fox gear brings the best to riders in every discipline of dirt riding.



The release of the MX20 range coincides with the launch of the all-new Fox V2 helmet. Adapting key features from the recently released V3 helmet, including Fluid InsideTM, MVRS, and Varizorb, the V2 helmet sets a new standard in its class for 2020, by bringing elite-level features as well as improved ventilation to a lower price-point for the market.


With input and design development from MX and SX racer Ken Roczen, the premium VUETM goggles are built to give the best vision and comfort. A wide viewport gives exceptional peripheral vision, while the soft TPU faceplate forms to the rider’s face for improved comfort. Fox’s innovative Variable Lens System (VLS) technology, allowing for fast and fluid lens transfer, has also been adapted to the all-new midrange Airspace IITM and entry-level Main IITM goggles.


Even more improvements have been made to Fox’s MX20 racewear collection. All-new Flexair and 360 lines focus on mobility and durability, with the Flexair range utilising lightweight materials for maximum flexibility and movement. The 360 range precisely blends rugged durability and agile movement into one, with materials designed specifically for motocross performance.

The Airline gearset range has been specifically designed to be lightweight and cool for riders in hot environments, with features like laser-cut ventilation allowing for maximum airflow through the jersey.

Value for performance is the key feature of the new 180 racewear range, with time-tested quality and performance built into the most recognised gear in motocross.

After taking into consideration the feedback from female and youth riders, Fox has also vastly updated their range of purpose-built patterns for women and young riders. Blending their vast racewear knowledge with anatomically correct structures, the MX20 range includes a much more comprehensive level of fit, function, and performance for all riders.

All the new racewear lines feature new bright and vibrant colours, allowing riders to choose their style and stand out from the pack.


The MX20 boot collection has been thoroughly updated, with inspiration coming from the championship proven Instinct boots. The Comp R and Instinct colours have been refreshed for 2020, with a new buckle system being introduced in the adult Comp R boots. The new silicone Active Lock closure system allows the shin plate to flex with the boot’s movement. The off-road women’s and youth collections have also been heavily redesigned to offer the most comprehensive range of boots to date.

Photos: Fox Racing

The new Fox V3 helmet is the pinnacle of their offerings for dirt bike riders, with industry-leading technology aimed at minimising injuries sustained by ‘rotational forces’.

The latest scientific research has shown that a large percentage of head and brain injuries sustained by dirt bike crashes can be attributed to ‘rotational forces’, i.e. impacts that cause a rider’s head to violently twist upon impact. These sideways impacts can cause the brain to twist inside the skull, causing massive internal injuries. So, with this new research, manufacturers are now designing their helmets with systems to minimise these forces, and Fox is right there with the best of them, with their new ‘Fluid Inside®’ V3 helmet.

How It Works

Fox’s all-new Fluid Inside® technology is a massive step forward in providing protection from rotational forces to riders. Designed to replicate the body’s natural brain protection system, Fluid Inside® is engineered to enhance the helmet’s ability to protect the rider’s brain by mimicking Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). Incorporating a matrix of Fluid pods oriented around the head, the system essentially has the helmet ‘floating’ on the head. Each fluid pod acts like CSF to independently and simultaneously manage the linear and rotational forces, allowing the helmet to move partially independent of the internal lining. This means the forces of impacts and rotations are greatly reduced before being transferred into the rider’s head and brain tissue.

Additional Features

Not content with making a super-safe helmet, the Fox V3 helmet also sets the standard for comfort, airflow, and performance in an MX helmet. The second-generation Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRSTM) is designed to stay firmly in place through aggressive dirt bike riding and roost conditions but detach from the helmet upon impact to help mitigate external rotational forces that can also affect the rider’s head during a crash.

The dual-density VarizorbTM EPS liner acts like the crumple zones in a car, providing improved protection by progressively dampening impact forces across a wider surface area of the helmet. This, along with the patent-pending CAGETM system which improves energy management in the event of an impact to the chin bar/eye port area, dramatically reduces the transference of external forces through the helmet shell. Unique shell and EPS sizes mean a lighter helmet, a more streamlined profile and an improved fit for all riders, regardless of head size. The Multi-Composite Technology (MCT) shell construction blends carbon and FRP resins for a light yet highly rigid external shell.

Rider Comfort

Being comfortable inside the helmet is a big part of riding, especially in the heat of battle on track! Fox’s V3 features a system of thoughtfully placed intake and exhaust ventilation ports to allow exceptionally high amounts of airflow, even at low speeds. The vents also feature injection moulded mesh screens to maintain this superior ventilation, while providing protection from roosts and other debris entering the shell. The internal removable and washable X-static® comfort liner and cheek pads rapidly wick moisture and inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, so it stays fresh in-between moto laps. Finally, the ‘Minimum Offset Design’ (M.O.D.) allows for a closer and more precise fit, resulting in a streamlined profile which reduces the overall size of the helmet without sacrificing performance or safety.

If you’re in the market for a new helmet or simply want to make sure you’ve got the latest and most protective helmet available, then head down to your local Fox dealer and try on the latest V3 models. And if you’re looking for that extra bit of advantage over your mates, then having a safe, light, well-ventilated helmet is sure to not only make you look good but rider faster too!

Technical Features

–    Fluid Inside™ is designed to help dissipate rotational and linear energy transmitted to the rider’s brain in the event of a crash

–    Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) allows the visor to detach during a crash

–    Dual-density Varizorb™ EPS liner is meant to provide improved protection by spreading the forces of impact across a wider surface area

–    Patent-pending chin bar/eye port CAGE ™ is intended to improve energy management in the event of an impact

–    MCT (Multi Composite Technology) Shell construction that blends Carbon and FRP resins to provide a light yet rigid external shell

–    Four shell and EPS sizes for best in class fit

–    Injected Mesh vent screens provide superior ventilation and airflow while maintaining protection from dirt and debris

–    Removable, washable X-Static® comfort liner and cheek pads are antimicrobial and manage odour while wicking moisture away from the head

–    Exceeds DOT and ECE 22.05 standards

The GPX range of neck braces from Leatt are arguably the best form of neck protection on the market today, but there still seems to be a lack of understanding attached to the subject of wearing neck protection. We take a look at the latest offerings from Leatt and get the thoughts about braces from some top names in international MX.

Leatt was the very first company to manufacture neck braces. Surgeon Dr Chris Leatt is the founder of the Leatt company and famously produced prototypes of his first brace after the tragic accident to a friend, Alan Selby, while riding off-road in his native South Africa. The Leatt brace first became part of the off-road scene in 2006 and now has seven different versions of the protection that has progressed hugely in the last thirteen years. Leatt’s research and development from their lab near Cape Town has led onto a raft of other protection equipment including knee braces, helmets and body protection.

Their top-level neck braces – the GPX 6.5 Carbon, the GPX 5.5, and the GPX 3.5 – have all been developed to reduce the risk of significant neck injury in the event of a hard crash on the dirt. Coming in at different price points, they each offer specialised protection when worn correctly against extreme neck extension.

Each of the Leatt GPX range has been developed in their state-of-the-art lab in Cape Town, with “Martin”, Leatt’s 50th percentile Hybrid III Anthropomorphic Test Dummy featuring 23 in-built sensors to ensure reliable data when testing the new products. They then go on to be independently CE tested and are certified as Personal Protective Equipment, offering up to 47% reduction of risk for a serious neck injury.

The construction differs between models, but the way they work doesn’t. The GPX range of neck braces are designed to prevent the rider’s helmet from over-extending the neck by placing a barrier on top of the shoulders, to limit how far forward, backward, and sideways the helmet can move under duress.

Shaun Simpson


The most important aspect when choosing a neck brace is getting the right size. Leatt suggest measuring around your chest area, just below your armpits, then using their website to choose the size neck brace that will fit you best. Leatt claim their neck braces feature the most adjustability of any on the market, with the GPX 6.5 Carbon and GPX 5.5 featuring SureFit adjusters on the front chest pad rear thoracic strut. They also feature replaceable rubber angle adjusters for the rear thoracic strut, ensuring you get a perfect fit for your body size. The third-in-line GPX 3.5 offers two adjustment levels for the rear thoracic strut, but it is designed to break away in the event of excess force, the same as the GPX 6.5 Carbon and GPX 5.5 neck braces.


The top-of-the-line GPX 6.5 Carbon is constructed of a rigid, non-flexible carbon matrix, weighing in at only 600 grams. Its light weight offers the least amount of possible intrusion while riding, meaning riders will be comfortable with wearing it quickly and easily.

The GPX 5.5 features a fibreglass shell with a polyamide reinforced chassis, weighing in at 790 grams, meaning it’s still very lightweight and easy to wear. Finally, the GPX 3.5 is made from a polycarbonate shell with a polyamide reinforced EPS chassis, and weighs as little as 536 grams. It doesn’t have as much adjustability as the GPX 6.5 Carbon or GPX 5.5, but still offers excellent protection from neck injuries when worn correctly.

All GPX neck braces come with optional clear chest straps to hold the brace in place but will work with Leatt’s own roost and chest protection, easily and quickly tying together to simplify wearing them together. Additionally, the GPX thoracic struts fold away for easy storage in your kit bag.

Marvin Musquin

Removeable Design

Leatt’s GPX neck braces all feature simple clips to remove them from the rider in case of emergency, without having to remove the helmet first. The GPX 6.5 Carbon and GPX 5.5 both feature a clip on the right side, and a large quick-turn toggle on the left to completely disengage the neck brace from its wearer. The GPX 3.5 can be removed by pushing the red toggle inwards, which unclasps the brace and allows the left and right side to swivel on a hinge away from the rider’s neck. The two adjustment toggles on the GPX 3.5’s thoracic strut are also removable, meaning the strut can be removed from the brace to allow easier removal.

Alfredo Gomez

Extra Safety Features

All of the GPX range of neck braces feature CoreFlex split rear removable thoracic struts, with a spinal partition for added comfort, designed to work with the body’s natural movements. The engineered collarbone cut-out helps keep the rider’s brace and helmet away from their most fragile bones, reducing the chances of a broken collar bone in a crash from helmet impact. Each model is also designed with air-flow ribbed body padding for optimum ventilation. The construction and highly adjustable fit of the GPX neck braces ensures that riders have a full range of motion when wearing their neck brace correctly and in a normal riding position, with no impairment or restriction to the rider’s head or upper body movement.

Looking for a Leatt neck brace or any of their other protective equipment or riding apparel? Then either head to your local Leatt dealer or visit where you’ll find the complete range. And if you’re worried about getting the correct fit, head to where you’ll find sizing charts.

Chris Laue


So, you wanna be as good as Broxy, right? Well, first you gotta get the right gear! Pete only uses the best to keep himself safe, so we thought we’d share some of the kit he’s been using lately.

Leatt GPX 5.5 V19.1 Helmet – Black/Lime


Pete’s trusting protection specialists Leatt to look after his brainbox. The super-lightweight carbon GPX is thankfully at the pinnacle of head and brain protection

In our world, crashes are a reality. Can’t avoid them. All you can do is give yourself the best possible chance of keeping trauma to a minimum. The solution is to go and get the best helmet you can find that dissipates rotational, direct and deflective impact energy, resulting in radically reduced head and brain injury.

The GPX feature 360 ̊ Turbine Technology which are 360 ̊moving discs constructed from an energy-absorbing shape and material which reduces rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorbs energy upon impact at concussion level.

Thor Sector Shear Gearset – Black/Acid

Jersey: $39.95 | Pant: $124.99 | Gloves: $24.95)

Pete is looking sharp in the new Sector gear from Thor. Fit, function and finish all at an incredible price, the SECTOR apparel collection includes traditional, camo and race-inspired graphic options. With moisture-wicking materials, rider-position fitment and fade resistant graphics, the SECTOR collection has no equal.

The pants feature an athletic mesh liner, purpose-built TPR features, buckle closure, abrasion tolerant materials, are double and triple stitching for durability and pre-curved shape for maximum comfort.

The DRAFT BLACK/ACID GLOVES ($24.95) finish off the looks, with the FLEX 4-way stretch mesh and expansion panels, allows full range of motion in hands.

Dragon NFX2 Goggles

From $189.95

Keeping your eyes safe is serious business, so thankfully we gave Pete some serious goggles. The NFX2 goggles from Dragon feature: Swiftlock lens changing system, patented frameless design, armoured venting, premium injection moulded lenses, 200-per cent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, bonus replacement lens and more. Additionally, the NFX2 utilises the Lumalens® colour optimised lenses bringing next level clarity, adaptability, and style to the Dragon lineup.

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

Price $899.90

The Tech 10 needs no introduction, being the go-to boot for serious moto riders almost forever. With an inner booty, plenty of protection, easy buckles and a cool look, the Tech 10s are a firm favourite.


Pete first wore the 2019 Fox Flexair gear on a shoot at Digger McEwen Motocross Park in Taupo. It was barely Spring, and to be honest, despite looking like a nice sunny day it probably wasn’t quite warm enough to start repping Fox’s lightest and most ventilated gear. But when he saw the Royl Orange gear still packed away in its wrappers, he was into it like a kid at Christmas.

The jersey is so light and fitted that it probably makes you faster simply walking up to the bike, let alone cutting laps around your favourite track or trail. The TruDri fabric is cut tight so it doesn’t billow in the wind and it helps wick moisture away to keep you cool.

The pants also benefit from Fox’s Tru fabric, with the main body featuring TruMotion and its 4-way stretching properties to offer unrivalled mobility. It’s almost like wearing tights! There’s venting to keep you cool, something Pete was able to discover works with a southerly ripping across the sand, but the internal comfort liner made up for it with the Royl Pants super-comfortable for an entire day in the saddle. The gloves continue the light, comfortable, stretchy theme, as do the Comp boots which feature an innovative stretchy top fastener which helps you move back and forth on the bike. Velcro at the top of a boot tends to lock you in place, but the strap on the top of the Comp boots gives you just enough movement to make life easier.

Finally, Pete tried the Fox V1 Matte helmet which has been redesigned from the ground (or neck) up and now features the ultra-cool MVRS or Magnetic Visor Release System. Take a digger wearing this lid and the visor ejects to reduce the risk of rotational injury to your neck. Once you’re back up on you Fox Comp boots, you simply fit the visor back without tools, as the magnets keep it in place. As you’d expect, the fit of the helmet is spot-on, and the liner and cheek pads are removable and washable. And now there are four specific shell sizes so you can get a closer fit.

Summer is approaching fast, so why not treat yourself to some of Fox’s most comfortable and coolest gear, ever!


Tester: Broxy | Distributed by: Level Ltd | Price: Pants $349.95, Jersey $129.95 |
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