If you hit the trails rather than the moto track at the weekend, chances are you’ll be looking for gear that’s designed for the extra demands that riding all day brings. Gear masters, Fox, produce the Legion gear especially for the trail crowd, and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome.

The jersey is, well, a jersey as there’s not really that much more tech to put into a garment that’s essentially designed to be light and cool. The Legion Off-Road jersey ticks those boxes, with the comfortable fit combined with mesh at the sides making it the perfect choice for getting sweaty in the bush. But it’s the pants which are a bit special, with the over-the-boot style not only making them more comfortable to wear (there’s nothing to jam in your boot and rub all day!), but the design also makes for a more unrestricted movement. When you’re on and off the bike all day, cruising around and just generally chilling, the Legion EX pant with their multitude of zipped pockets make for the perfect companion.


Finally, the gloves are also tailored for the trails, with a reinforced palm and thumb helping keep blisters to a minimum, plus they’re waterproof and smartphone compatible making them ultra-versatile, just like the rest of the gear.

Even with a fair bit of punishment interspersed with time spent at the bottom of a kit bag, the extra development of the Legion gear to withstand the rigors of the trails makes them the perfect bit of kit for someone who tends to be a bit harsh with their gear. Plus, they also give you the right image, rather than looking like a moto wannabee.

Tester: Chris | Distributed by: Level Ltd | Price: Jersey: $59.95, Pant: $229.95, Glove: $69.95
Check it: Fox Retailers, good bike stores!



We take a closer look at the MXF ProRider S from glove manufactures FIVE. Its lightweight and comfort, combined with its durability and features make this one of the best off-road gloves on the market today.

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The new X-ROCK from ACERBIS is the brands top of the line footwear with many new features and a cool exciting look. Check out the quick video for yourself. And at only $599 it is very competitively priced. 



CLICK HERE for availability and sizings – said to be coming in hot to a dealer near you soon.

Chris takes a look at the ZETA Clutch Perch and Lever and installs it onto the Honda CRF450RX for testing.



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We just took hold of a new kit from Whites Power Sports, including the brand new Shoei VFX-WR helmet, Dragon MXV MAX goggle and Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen Hi-Viz gear. What a solid looking combo!



Look out for this kit in an upcoming issue of DRD magazine or grab yours now from your local dealer, or at Bits4Bikes.co.nz.


For the Shoei VFX-WR helmet – CLICK HERE



For the Dragon MXV MAX Goggle – CLICK HERE



For the Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen Hi-Vis gear – CLICK HERE



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