In this How Too video, Chris explains the three different options you can chose from when negotiating log crossings and how easy it can make your life when out on the trail. 

Thanks to Husqvarna Motorcycles for the TE 250 TPi | THOR for the riding gear, EKS Brand for the sweet goggles, and FFM helmets for the cool lid. 

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In this How To video, Chris explains the finer points of the Pivot Turn and how easy it is to master with a little technique, some patience and a whole lot of practice. 

Thanks to Husqvarna Motorcycles for the TE 250 TPi | THOR for the riding gear | EKS Brand for the sweet goggles | FFM helmets for the cool lid | – your NZ events database. 

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Dragon’s latest series of hot goggles have landed at DRD HQ.
We roll through some of the features of the range and check them out nice and up close!

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Looking for an Xmas gift for the better half?

Fly has you covered with the all-new 2018 Fly Kenetic Womans Gear, available right now!



Look ‘Fly’ this summer is the latest and greatest from Fly Racing, while keeping yourself in your better half good books. Imagine the look on her face as she unwraps these sweet, sweet threads, runs to the bedroom and suits up right away. That can only mean one thing – time to go riding!

THE FLY KENETIC WOMANS GLOVE is a super comfortable, lightweight race glove with a softer hand feel for even greater comfort. The woven four-way stretch and Lycra panel construction helps with flexibility, comfort and air flow. A reinforced double layer palm and reinforced thumb, silicone finger grippers, adjustable synthetic leather wrist closure and split knuckles with ventilated gusset shows the amount of features is only superseded by the amount of love you have to give.

THE FLY KINETIC WOMEN’S JERSEY is designed by women riders for women riders. Using constant rider feedback, fly have created a women’s-specific cut through strategically placed stretch panels for a comfortable and a versatile fit without sacrificing performance. With the same quality and technology as the men’s racewear, this women’s line has been at the forefront for a decade.

THE FLY KINETIC WOMEN’S RACE PANT takes all the added features of the men’s line, and tweaks then for the girl racer. A comfort mesh liner, multi-directional stretch-rib panels for flexibility, low profile stretch leg cuffs with removable elastic band and a full-floating seat surrounded by stretch-rib material that is designed to move with you and all your curves.

Another cool feature is the internal pocket located inside the waistband to keep those special things that only a girl needs. This specific woman’s design and cut will definitely stand out in the pits, on the track, and anywhere else this gear can be worn. It’s so comfortable she might mistake it for pyjamas.


Disclaimer – not intended for sleeping in, unless it is out on the track with your bike.

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It’s the most important part of your race, but how do you get the most out of your start, and more importantly get the holeshot?

Words: Ben Broad    Pics: Alick Saunders

The likes of Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac will tell you that one of, if not the most important part of a race is the start. Your performance off the start will affect the whole race, and being able to nail the start is so important if you are wanting to win. The fastest rider doesn’t always win the race, but putting yourself in a good position and ahead of your closest rivals will give you the edge in beating them. If you follow these tips and keep practicing you will have all the tools you need to get the holeshot and be one step closer to winning the race!

Body Position

Firstly you want to have your body, and therefore your weight in the right position on the bike. When it comes down to it, you want to be sitting between the fuel tank and the middle of the seat. Not too far forward, but not too far back. Also making sure your elbows are up and in a strong position. You then want to lean forward until your head is over the crossbar which will keep you from flipping the bike. Have your legs gripping hard against the frame of the bike and just in front of the foot pegs.

Clutch Control

Holding the clutch in just before engagement is the perfect position as it is right on the edge of the bike taking off. As the gate drops you want to release the clutch smooth and fast. Whatever you do don’t just dump the clutch as it will cause the bike to bog and resulting in a bad start. It is all in the smooth release, but that’s not all you’ll be doing at this point in time.

Throttle Control

As your waiting for the gate to drop and holding in the clutch just before its engagement point, you want to make sure you hold the throttle at a high idle. A low idle and rolling the throttle on too slow will cause you to stall the engine. As the gate drops you want to roll the throttle on at the same time as releasing the clutch. You will know if your throttle and clutch are in sync when the clutch is fully released at the same time as the throttle hits the stopper.

Feet Up!

Once you’re out of the gate your next priority is getting your feet back on the pegs as soon as possible and changing into third gear. If you already ride a motorbike you will know when to change gears. But you also want to get your feet up onto the pegs as soon as you have passed the gate. By doing this the bike gets more traction as your compressing the rear of the bike onto the ground which will give you more drive towards the first corner

Practice, Practice, Practice

You can never practice enough starts. Every time you go riding, try practice a couple and make sure you nail them perfectly. Say to yourself that you have to do three good starts before you can finish, replicating a race day where you will need to do three perfect starts. It might take a while to get in the swing of things, but nothing good ever comes to those who give up!