It’s Time For Change

I often have people come up and ask how we manage to fill all the pages of DRD every month. Well, I can tell you that it’s no easy task. I describe it as continuously juggling with 30 balls. You’ve got so many different tests, articles, news stories, exclusives, overseas releases, contributors, emails etc. that you’re working on or dealing with at any one time, and you just hope you can catch enough of the balls as the print deadline looms.

And it’s those deadlines that make the job so pressured. Unlike the internet world where you can post anything anytime, delete or modify it if you’ve stuffed up, and add to it if you’ve forgotten something, the world of print is so final. It means that when the big red button gets pushed on the printing press, you’d better be confident that you’ve got all your ducks in a row, and more importantly, all your spelling correct. If you haven’t, there are always plenty of people chomping to tell you that you’ve made a mistake.

We began printing DRD back in 2005, and as I say, once you hit ‘Go’ on the printing press, there’s the ever-present deadline looming each month. We’ve managed to get 159 issue of DRD to the printers since then, along with 174 issues of our road bike magazine and numerous other publications through a major recession, changing staff, a constantly morphing motorcycle industry and the changing face of media. But no matter what happens, we’ve got to reach that monthly print slot, or else. It’s hard work, especially with NZ’s current labour shortage making the process of finding and retaining staff another issue for an employer to manage.

And that’s where we’ve run into trouble with DRD. Yeah, there’s plenty of people out there screaming print is dead and the internet rules, but I can tell you there are plenty of consumers who still enjoy a magazine. Trying to make yourself heard among the billions of daily posts on a social platform is a game that’s only benefitting the coffers of Google or Facebook, whereas a magazine offers a particular and captive audience. Don’t believe me? Well, you’re reading this aren’t you!

But finding someone to come onboard and take over the role of Editor of DRD has proved a significant hurdle, one so big that I’ve had to admit defeat for the sake of many things, including my health. It’s simply too much trying to run a company while getting two magazines a month out the door. So, I’ve had to make the difficult decision to make DRD a bi-monthly publication for the foreseeable future.

For readers who pick the magazine up in the shops, not much will change other than a new issue will appear in the same outlets every other month. For subscribers, a new magazine will only land in the letterbox every other month.

It’s been a tough call to make, but it was either that or end up in an early grave, something I wasn’t particularly keen on doing. And you never know, we might find someone who wants to test dirt bikes for a living that can put a decent yarn together and doesn’t mind being based in Paeroa. We’ve searched long and far, but writing seems to be a dying art.

So, I hope you enjoy this issue of DRD. The next one will hit the shelves in the lead up to Christmas on December 17.

Until then,