Kawasaki NZ have released their new KX and KLX off-road bikes for 2020, including a very thoroughly updated KX250, as well as all-new KLX230, KLX230R, and KLX300R models.

Kawasaki’s new MX2 bike, the 2020 KX250, is being hailed as ‘the most powerful’ to date, featuring a revised bore and stroke for high RPM engine characteristics, as well as a new finger-follower valve train designed by Kawasaki’s World Superbike engineers, aimed at enabling a higher rev limit, and working in tandem with more aggressive cam profiles for harder-hitting power. The chassis has been slimmed down, constructed from lightweight forged, extruded, and cast parts to enable light and nimble handling. Optimized rigidity and a new front engine mount contribute to smoother rear suspension performance, as well as maximum forward drive from the rear wheel. The bike also features ‘Ergo-Fit’, with four-way adjustable handlebar positioning, and two footpeg positions, to allow riders to set up their bike to fit their individual ergonomic requirements.

The 2020 Kawasaki KX250 features new suspension front and rear, with larger 48mm diameter coil-spring KYB forks, and a Uni-Trak / KYB rear shock. The forks have been fitted with large 25mm damping pistons to provide smooth action and firm damping, with improved action at the initial part of the stroke. The rear shock offers dual compression adjustability (high-speed and low-speed damping) to soak up all manner of bumps and ruts.

The brakes have been beefed up too, with a 270mm semi-floating front disc clamped by a dual-piston caliper, fitted with new brake pad materials to offer solid control, while the rear is a larger (than 2019)  250mm petal disc and lightweight master cylinder to give even better rear-end stopping power.

All-new for the trails and adventuring, the 2020 KLX range features bikes to suit all ages and skill levels. The KLX230 is road-legal, featuring responsive power from the 223cc fuel-injected, air-cooled single cylinder. Tuned for low-to-mid range power, the SOHC motor is compact and lightweight and requires low maintenance. It includes an electric start button, allowing for hassle-free performance regardless of altitude or air temperature. The dual-purpose bike also features a large 60/55W headlamp, providing excellent illumination at night or in low-light conditions, as well as an easy-to-read LCD screen displaying all-digital instrumentation.

The KLX230 is built on a rugged chassis, with an all-new compact frame, short wheelbase, and low seat height to allow great handling and confident trail riding to suit a wide range of riders. The long-travel 37mm front forks and Uni-Trak rear shock contribute to a comfortable ride whether on bumpy streets or rough trails. Braking is provided by the 270mm front and 240mm rear petal discs, fitted with Kawasaki’s first dual-purpose ABS system, developed with Bosch. The ABS system provides excellent stopping performance on low-friction surfaces, and offers reassurance to both new and experienced riders. The full-size 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels allow for easy and confident riding over any terrain.

The off-road only KLX230R and KLX300R models take the performance to the dirt, with the KLX230R technically showing the same stats at the road-legal version, but tuned to allow extremely confident and exceptionally balanced trail handling. The KLX300R features a 292cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, delivering crisp response, quick-revving power, and strong low-end torque. Built tough for enhanced reliability, the engine is desinged for many long hours on the trails. Bridging the gap between a ‘weekend play bike’ and a full race bike, the KLX300R is fitted with an electric starter for hassle-free riding. It is also fitted with a smooth-shifting transmission and a short final-drive gearing to compliment the engines low-to-mid range focus, allowing riders to maintain momentum when navigating technical off-road trails.

Suspension is taken care of with 43mm inverted front forks, fitted with lower spring rate internals to allow damping to work over a wider stroke range. The Uni-Trak rear shock features full adjustability to allow riders to tune for a range of different styles and terrains preferences. The lightweight and slim chassis is designed to allow riders to grip the bike better for increased control, while the KX-inspired seat design offers great freedom of movemtent for any type of off-road riding. The full-size 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels are slowed by a 270mm petal disc and dual-piston caliper up front and 240mm petal disc at the rear.

The 2020 KLX300R also features Kawasaki’s ‘Ergo-Fit’ adjustable handlebar and footpeg positioning for increased rider comfort.

Photos: Kawasaki Media