As of yesterday, the covers are officially off the new Fox range for 2019! New gear sets from head to toe, with cool new tech being implemented, and some big names getting in on the R&D and release of the final products. With a huge emphasis on safety as well as style, every rider on every form of off-road bike is taken care of, from the entry level all the way up to the pro riders.



Some of the tech behind the scenes is pretty impressive, with the one and only Ken Roczen having a hand in research and design for the all new ‘Vue’ goggles, once he had recovered from his accident at the end of 2017. Designed to give the widest field of vision possible, the lens and outrigger system have been completely overhauled to give riders an unobscured view. The ‘Vue’ goggles will officially be launched at A1GP by Roczen.



The MVRS “Magnetic Visor Release System” has been further developed, which allows the visor to detach from your Fox helmet in the event of a crash. In a nutshell, the visor – or peak, as we know it – is held on by high-strength little magnets, which will prevent the visor digging into the ground and potentially causing a head or neck injury from the roll-over.



As well as the new safety aspects Fox is bringing into their range, they are releasing a whole swag of new colours, throughout their top, middle, and entry level jerseys and pants. From the bright and colourful sets, to the subtle black and white, there is a colour scheme to suit every rider on any machine. Gloves will also follow suit, with some featuring colours to match the new jersey/pant combinations, as well as new cold weather and water-resistant gloves in the line-up.




New in the 2019 Fox range is the ‘Comp’ boot, to replace the Comp 5. Designed with a modernised fit and function, the aim is to increase rider grip and feel. It features a lower toe box, making gear shifts easier, as well as a new double “Active Locking Strap” system, adjustable to fit any type of shin guard or brace. Internally, the speed lace allows riders to customise the boot fit around the ankle area to their liking, for added comfort.



All in all, the new range of Fox gear for 2019 is visually appealing, safety conscious, and accessible to all levels of rider. For more information and where you can get the latest new Fox kit, watch out for a full write-up in an upcoming issue of Dirt Rider Downunder magazine!