New Zealand Enduro is having a bit of a shake up for 2018 with Justin Stevenson at the helm as NZ Enduro Commissioner. The five-round series will cover the middle of the North Island, as well as visiting a new venue in the South Island, just out of Murchison, near the tiny ‘town’ of Maruia. Originally a six-round series, one South Island round had to be dropped due to land access, meaning the best four-out-of-five rounds will count towards the class titles. However, as per normal, ALL-Rounds will count towards the outright title, which is more about bragging rights than an official NZ title.



As an added bonus to the National Series, there are three off-shoots this year in the form of the North Island, Central and the Southern Series. It can get confusing as some events will count towards more than one individual series but have a look at the dates on the flyers to see which events or even series suits you best. There are plenty of Enduro events this year to choose from so don’t be shy to get out and try them for yourself.



Check out the latest DRD magazine for an Enduro 101 article about how Enduro works and how easy it is to enter and compete. If you love long trail rides and like riding fast too, then you should try an Enduro on for size.



More information about each event can be found at – just click the link and book them in.