Just as was expected after images of Honda test rider Takeshi Katsuya riding a strange mishmash of a bike leaked online, Honda have dropped a new CRF250R on us, complete with DOHC POWER!

Honda’s next generation CRF250R is on its way with plenty of exciting upgrades with the wait for this all-new race beast certainly seeming like it was worth it. It’s now rocking Dual Overhead Cams, baby!

The 2018 CRF250R has more engine power, upgraded stability and traction as well as a re-designed dual exhaust and titanium intake system to help get you that holeshot.

The most notable of changes found in the CRF250R are all to do with that new heart between the frame. A new compact DOHC engine with rocker arms, higher valve lift, larger valve diameter and a higher rev limit mean that there’s an extra 5 per cent power-to-weight and peak power at 2000rpm higher.

A new straight intake layout and dual exhaust system further enhance the power and speed range of the entire engine. The dual cannons looks the business too which always helps! Adapting an advanced Scavenge Pump system reduces engine friction and ‘pumping’ losses at high rpm which results in upgraded engine efficiency. 

The chassis hasn’t been ignored however, with the 2018 CRF250Rs redesigned chassis giving the rider absolute control of the new powered-up DOHC engine.

Changes to geometry and dynamic parameters of the frame’s performance should also give the CRF250R enhanced starting performance, front-end stability and rear wheel traction.

The shorter wheel base on this 18YM distributes riders weight onto the rear wheel for far better rear wheel grip.

Weight reduction from a new titanium tank, lower engine mount and lower rear shock mounts give the CRF250R a lower centre of gravity and greatly improve overall stability and offer anti-front end lift.

Front suspension is now steel-sprung 49mm Showa USD front forks and smooth surface plastics make the CRF250R look more like its bigger motocross brother – the CRF450R.

For 2018, the CRF250R is also equipped with a compact, lightweight lithium-ion battery. Electric Start is now standard for superior start / restart and recovery especially in cold conditions where the lithium battery can sustain temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. Notably the kick starter has been removed. Sorry die hard one leggers.

The three engine modes; as with the 2017 model are available on the 2018 CRF250R to maintain its versatility whereby riders can select from 3 different Engine Modes to accommodate different riding conditions and riding skills: Mode 1: Standard, Mode 2: Smooth and Mode 3: Aggressive.

Leaked images of this new machine circulated back in May where the 18YM CRF250R made its race debut at the Japan MX Championship in Hiroshima; ridden to victory by four-time 250cc class Champion in Japan, Takeshi Katsuya.

2018 Honda CRF250R, with a new compact DOHC engine with rocker arms, higher valve lift, larger valve diameter and a higher rev limit resulting in a +5% power-to-weight and peak power at 2000rpm higher.

Honda hopes this redesign will ensure the CRF250R achieves outstanding hole shot start acceleration and provide racers with exactly what they need and makes it Honda’s most competitive, durable and formidable 250cc race machine to date.

We can’t wait for a fang!